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Coastal Light Baptist Church LOVES missionaries and the work they do.

We thank all those who are willing to give of themselves to carry the Word of God to the entire world.

Below is a list of the missionaries that we support.

   Solomon Ambrocio
            - Philippines

   Dave Barnhouse

            - Zambia, Africa


  Andrew Brown

            - South Korea

   Jason Christiansen

            - Egypt

   Mark Gerosin

            - Colombia, South America

   Zach Gerwitz

            - Brazil

   Bill Goins

            - Calvary Stand
                  - Graphics Design & Printing Ministry

  Theopholis Kisavi
            - Kenya, Africa


  Rakesh Kumar

            - Fiji

  Peter Morris
            - Kenya, Africa

  Charles Nichols
            - Brazil


   Tyler Nikkel

             - Czech Republic


   David Owens

            - Argentina


   Mike Payton

            - Reaching Spanish Nations

   Rusty Pilalas

            - Germany

   Leslie Priday
            - Honduras 


   Nathan Sears

            - Iceland


   Clint Shipman
            - Germany


   Jamie Smithey

            - Chile, South America

   Alexander Spear

            - Puerto Rico

   Chris Stansell

            - Evangelist - Missionary Support


   Randy Taylor

            - Evangelist - Mt. Salem Revival Grounds


   Arnold Worley

            - Transporters For Jesus - Moving Ministry

   Michael Yoo

            - South Korea


   Middle East (2 missionaries)

            - Contact Coastal Light Baptist Church for more information


            - Contact Coastal Light Baptist Church for more information